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TCM Facilities

Cheng Hong Welfare Service Society operates a medical centre and 6 TCM clinics island wide providing pro bono traditional Chinese treatment and medication to the needy.

Cheng Hong Medical Centre and Cheng Hong Chai Chee TCM Clinic operate 6 days a week while the other TCM clinics are opened 2 to 4 days a week. Adjustment is made accordingly when there is a greater demand at the clinics.

In 2016, we conducted 1,407 consultation sessions and administered 37,549 treatments.

Mobile Clinic

Mobile TCM Clinic

Our Mobile TCM Clinic spans 8 locations. The reception has been greatly encouraging. The clinic currently provides more than 960 consultations per month and is projected to increase year on year.

With the convenience of a mobile clinic, the seniors can enjoy personal TCM services near their neighbourhood. As the mobile clinic carries out weekly visits to the respective locations, the seniors and their families can be assured of the consistency of TCM treatments.

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